Friday, July 6, 2007

How a Pleased Customer Can Be Your Best Advertiser?

Just satisfaction with your products or/and services is not going to develop your business, which means that to have some customers who are just pleased with your job is not enough. You have to turn your customers into word-of-mouth publicists for your company. According to various market researches providing an independent fact-based view of advertising media market, most people still consider word-of-mouth recommendations and references the most credible and believable ones. Therefore, they work best for promoting your products. And what advertising campaign could be more efficient and cost effective than advertising and creation of strong perception of your good name by a satisfied customer?

Customer-oriented marketing. The objective of any firm is to market and sell its products or services profitably. As any businessman knows, good marketing stimulates consumer interest in the product; it establishes the name and the image of the company. So, the mission of an advertising of any type is to deliver profitability goals through highly effective campaign management. And while working out the campaign, it is divided into different segments by the type of the advertising. Here, at this very step it is highly important not to forget about word-of-mouth publicity which can be of great use to you.

Value for Customers. Consequently, you have to find the ways to make promoters of your customers. The first thing to do is to define which of your customer is already a promoter and usually recommends your company to his/her friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Then it is needed to create deep customer relationships. Sure, here on the stage appears the tradeoff. But as everybody knows, it is much better to invest some money and to receive a profit from it, than to keep it stuck under your pillow. Though, sometimes the building of such relationships with the customers costs you quite a tidy sum. You are exploiting them – they have to get compensation, not even having a clue about it.

And then these customers bring your company the benefits, the economic value: they come back and they make referrals. It can dramatically change the economics of the transaction