Thursday, October 4, 2007

Consumer reports

Nowadays this is a new era of selling-purchasing relations. Due to the growing demands and competition, companies providing services and goods trying to be outstanding, to attract customers. That is why marketing is a great philosophical science in which everything is included: consumers’ psychology; consumers’ reaction to certain watchwords, slogans; pre- and post-purchase behaviour; color and sound perception – everything. And consumer reports play a very important role in this game.

Consumer reports and consumer acceptance.
Companies work out consumer reports on their goods or commodities to make a product, especially a brand new one, accepted. A marketer or sales analyst writes this consumer report to make the customers aware of the product, to advertise it in some way. Because writing this report they take into consideration the way and the form it would be written in order to attract consumers. Marketers have to give the consumer reports in such a way that reading it a person would not feel that something is foisted off. And thus, after a good report was written and consumers have read it, people would like to buy the product, to try it. So, if the quality was as good as it was described, the product would be accepted and would be in good demand and consumer attitude towards it would be very positive.

Types of consumer reports.
Companies can employ this strategy of writing consumer reports in their marketing plan. They have to make their customers aware that they genuinely appreciate any feedback from their customer audience. Thus, a consumer report can be also written by a consumer himself to advertise a product or vice versa to announce everybody that the goods are faulty or that services are really poor. Or this report can be made by a company’s marketer to advertise the quality or the price of a product. That is why it is very important to read any of the consumer reports to know is the product worthy of money or not.