Saturday, February 2, 2008

Waffle House, Dunkin Donuts and Dennys

There are some times that you want to sit somewhere with your close friend at the coffee table in some cozy café and have a nice chat. And there are some coffee shops that were designed and created just for this singe purpose and to have you as a regular, of course. And this place can be Waffle House, Dunkin Donuts or Dennys restaurant.

Waffle House. Waffle House is a fast food chain that specializes in waffles. The menu of any Waffle House also includes some hot and cold coffee drinks and tea. All of the Waffle House shops are designed in such a way for the customer to feel like home and stay there for rather long time. But still some people complain that the customer service in these Waffle House shops is much to be desired.

Dunkin Donuts. This global coffee and donut retailer provides a diverse line of doughnuts, bagels, muffins, breakfast sandwiches and other pastry. In some locations, Dunkin Donuts shops provide about 35 different kinds of doughnuts and various éclairs, fritters, crullers and coffee rolls. In 2007 the company announced that it was going to reduce the amount of fats in its products to make them safer and less dangerous for health. For this purpose, Dunkin Donuts decided to switch to some soybean and cottonseed oil. The company has its shops in many countries all over the world.

Dennys. Dennys is a full service restaurant chain. It was founded in 1953 and since ten has expanded into a global chain. This is an international company that operates restaurants in Canada, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico and some other countries. Dennys restaurants are open e four hours a day and seven days a week. The company has been many times advertised in a number of movies and the public awareness of the company is really high.

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