Saturday, April 5, 2008

Consumer Reports

People who purchase goods and services for personal use are usually defined as consumers. And this entire group of people is usually divided into satisfied and unsatisfied consumers. Most companies understand the value of pleased consumers and the danger of pissed ones. This system works like this: if a person is not satisfied with some services or goods provided by a company, it means that this person would hardly recommend the company to his or her friends, relatives, employees, and so on. Moreover, that person would not consume the products of that company once again. Thus, for company it is not favorable to have such unsatisfied customers. And if a person is satisfied, than everything is just the opposite and the company can prosper owing to the popularity satisfied consumers bring.

Consumer solidarity. When people band together, that means that they have something in common that unites them. In case with consumers – it is their shopping experience that can be good and bad. And such websites as help people to find out where shopping is usually bad. Consumers write and post their consumer reports in which they describe their overall experience, the quality of goods and services, the reaction of a company to different problems and issues, the way the company solves those issues and makes the things right, and many other very important things. That means, that other consumers can read all those reviews and decide if it is worthy shopping there with that company or just dealing with it, or not.

Does it help? Many people can thing, that all those consumer reports are useless. But there are many reasons why the consumers should keep on doing that. There are many cases when a person just needs guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future shopping experience and this advice should be given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative but there is nobody around. And then this person can use the experienced described in numerous consumer reports and eventually make a decision. This is not about some huge purchases only, this concerns some small things as well. And at the present time people have a huge amount of different Internet companies and this is the biggest problem, because no one can control the Internet. But with the help of other consumers who posted their consumer reports, anyone can feel safer and decide easier or just be warned, that the company he or she was going to deal with is a complete fraud.

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