Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Spirit Jeans

When people need to express themselves, they can find a lot of ways to do it. The main thing is not to conceal your real personality, your character, and your ego. And to be real a person need not that much: freedom and style. And of course this concerns clothes as well. That is why some fashion trademarks consider this vision of a real personality when they develop a brand and then design clothes. Free Spirit Jeans brand was created exactly like this.

Free Spirit Jeans story. Free Spirit Jeans is an American clothing company. The company was founded in 1990. Free Spirit Jeans offers its customers a mixture of body conscious jeans styles. At the present time, Free Spirit Jeans is one of the leading companies in the jeans industry. There are a lot of Free Spirit Jeans customers on the Hollywood scene. There are many Hollywood shows, on which the actors wear different models of Free Spirit Jeans. The products of the company are being aggressively advertised and there is a number of sales promotions being held. Free Spirit Jeans offers a wide variety of men's and women's clothes. Free Spirit Jeans company operates a chain of stores. Free Spirit Jeans stores were opened as the warehouse stores but they had a very diverse selection. At the present time, the company operates more than one thousand stores all over the United States and in Canada. Besides, the company operates its famous sweatshops. The largest Free Spirit Jeans stores are based in New York City, Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Free Spirit Jeans concept. In the very beginning of the existence of the brand, all Free Spirit Jeans stores were looking like a traditional jeans store. But later on the concept was dropped. At the present time the brand focuses on young people, teenagers and adults. The clothes are comparatively affordable. Free Spirit Jeans provides a huge selection of clothes, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, and a number of different accessories. A lot of people prefer Free Spirit Jeans to any other brands. They state that the company really focuses on design, that is why all their jeans are unique and very cool. The company claims that they have special trainings for their designers to improve their work and to make all their products better and better. Free Spirit Jeans products are very popular.

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