Friday, July 18, 2008

Olive Garden

Usually when it concerns favorite restaurant people have a huge range of answers. It depends on many things: the quality and taste of food, customer service, premises and place where the restaurant is located. But all this is relative and subjective because tastes differ. But sometimes you really need to know more or to have some advice in order to visit a new place. But what if this is not a new place but good old Italian restaurant chain, which one would you personally choose? Maybe it will be Olive Garden?

About the company. Olive Garden is a chain of Italian restaurants. These restaurants are located in the United States. The menu of Olive Garden includes different appetizers, soups, salads, classic Italian recipes, chicken and seafood, filled pastas, beef and pork, fish, wines, specialty drinks, beer, and other beverages. Chefs that work in Olive Garden Italian restaurants, have all studied in Olive Gardens Culinary Institute of Tuscany. This institute is located in Tuscany, Italy. There the chefs learn all the secrets of classic Italian cuisine. That is why customers of Olive Garden restaurants enjoy sharing fine Italian food with their friends and family there. Net income of the company is several millions of dollars. There are many employees in Olive Garden. The company is the second largest chain of Italian restaurants in the United States and has a number of locations. Olive Garden is considered to be a socially responsible corporation.

About Italian food. Italian food has become a part of our modern life and it makes no sense to deny it. It is one of those cusisines that are very tasty and popular. All the truthful surveys of the scientists that state that Italian is a bit dangerous and shortens our life do not stay in our memory for a long time. Everything has become very fast: the rhythm, the pace, the relationships, the thoughts and finally, the process of eating. And if the results of such a nutrition do not appear that fast, we just refuse to believe or just to remember them. It is easy and comfortable to have some snack on you way somewhere and it does not take much time. That is why we still go to such places as fast food restaurants but never forget about good Itlian cuisine. This style and method of cooking is a characteristic of a particular country, and of the whole world.

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